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Official ARK Wiki


Browse the Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki on your phone or tablet using the app from Gamepedia! The app includes: • Information on everything in ARK, including Dinos, Taming, Crafting, and more • Accessible main page with popular wiki links • Easy-to-navigate menu and feedback system • Simple, browse-only design (editing available through web browser only) • Convenient search bar to find information in seconds
You’ll want the Official Wiki app nearby when you battle the terrifying T-Rex or attempt to tame the majestic Argentavis. Have every crafting, cooking, and building recipe right at your fingertips.
The Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki app includes information on:
 • Taming • Breeding • Kibble • Dinosaurs • Dyes • Crafting • Console Commands • The Island • Caves • Artifacts & Weapons • Farming • Cooking • Tribes • ARK Tips & Tricks
The Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki is full of community-created content from gamers just like you. To share your own ARK: Survival Evolved knowledge and help improve the wiki, join Gamepedia today.
All information available on the Official ARK Wiki are subject to Creative Commons License BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted.